Need Representation?

 Experienced please submit . . .

  • 2 current professional headshots and 1 full body. 
  • LA Casting, Actors Access & Casting Frontier links.
  • IMDb if you have one, not IMDb Pro. 
  • Please specify a fluent second language if applicable. 
  • Send a demo reel and/or professional footage; no self tapes and no class tapes.

  New to the Business please include:

  • 2 current clear photos: 1 headshot, 1 full body. (No one else in the photo; exception: twins). Do Not Wear: hats, sunglasses, or costumes/wigs. Do Not Include: food, (food on the face), or drinks. Do: stand straight; a natural stance - no posing. Do Wear: jeans and a t-shirt (18+: casual attire). Do Wear: hair down (no ponytails/buns). Do Not Wear: make up (18+: minimal makeup).
  • Name, D.O.B. (18+: age range and/or appearance), ethnicity, height, weight, clothing sizes & shoe size.
  • List any proficient skills, (skills you can do with 100% proficiency at an audition). 
  • Send any social links and/or modeling portfolios.
  • Send a 30 second introductory audition/self tape; feel free to utilize Google scripts, audition commercial scripts, etc.  (n/a: infants/very young children)

Actively Seeking:

  • Dancers and/or Singers
  • Influencers
  • Families [Nuclear, Non-traditional, Single Parent, Step, Extended, Childless] 
  • Twins
  • Fluent Spanish & Mandarin speakers (not conversational)




If we are interested in scheduling

an appointment we will call or email.

Thank you for considering Jophiel Management; we look forward to receiving your complete submission!